45 minute consultation: $200

*First time consultation: $80* 

includes retrospection, analysis, and action plan

Group gatherings: $300 per hour within 30 miles of New Brunswick, NJ 

**  Promotional Package **

Best you one month Dive! 

This is a 4 session package including 3 sessions via phone/Skype/Facetime after your first consultation.  Don't let distance be an obstacle in you becoming the best version of yourself!  During your first session, Rosa James tells you what your biggest challenges are to make changes in order to be the happiest version of yourself, what beliefs are holding you back, and keys to to be able to follow your own guidance confidently which will lead to a lifestyle of happiness for the rest of your life.  

Your initial session is $80 and each weekly session after that is $70. This offer is available for a limited time.

​* Hosting for charity events and fund raising is available  depending on location as well as number of attendees. *

​​​​​​​​​You may call directly to schedule your appointment or send an email to RosasNirvana@gmail.com.  Text the word CHANGE to 732-421-4915 and receive a reply to schedule a consultation.  On the date of your appointment please have paper and pencil available to take notes or have questions readily available. Credit card payments as well as paypal are accepted as payment. Your appointment may be rescheduled, but please note that there is a No refund policy for cancellations. Payments must be processed before scheduling an appointment.​  This may be done via Paypal. 

DISCLAIMER: Consultations are not considered legal, business advice, medical, financial, psychological, or intended to substitute professional services. The information is meant to serve as behind the scenes information as you have free will.  For legal reasons you are being advised that the consultations are for entertainment purposes only.  For more information please read the complete disclaimer below on the blue Disclaimer Terms & Conditions tab.

Rosa James is a born Medium living in New Jersey, USA.  As an intuitive life coach, Rosa specializes in consultations that tap into your issues as well as goals.  These sessions help every individual move forward positively.  Our future is in our hands.  You'll know it's a good reading as she will validate things that have happened to you before you speak, are happening in your life, and you'll find that you don't need to ask all of your questions as they are answered many times before you ask.  We have so much free will in regards to our life path and outcome, but when knowing what patterns, behaviors, beliefs are shaping our decisions, or discovering what motivates you to unleash a true passion for life, adjustments can be made to transform your life.  Elizabeth Gilbert said it very well when she said "Destiny is a relationship play between divine grace and willful self-effort."  

Rosa James asks that you please listen to messages and listen quietly during the first couple of minutes of your reading and not give any information before your appointment.  

In a nutshell, the consultations are meant to give you the information to transform your life, be the best you, and live your life confidently.  Every person ends the session empowered to tap into their own gifts, greatness, and take control of their life.  As a result, you will have the confidence to follow your own internal GPS  and not rely on anyone for a consultation.  As you tap into your own connection to the greatest power within which many call source, the universe, god or whatever that highest power is to you the power of transformation will be released from within.  As a bilingual Speaker, Rosa James is able to speak in English and Spanish.  You may schedule a consultation done over the phone from the comfort of your home or at live events.  Whether you are seeking help in identifying the right talent for the right position, fix relationships, have people tap in to their highest potential, or take control of your life, a meeting of empowerment will help in achieving success.  Appointments must be booked in advance.  Last minute appointments may be available based on current bookings.  Contact Rosa James at mobile phone 732-421-4915.

*If in your first session you are not happy you can have a 100% refund.*



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