Rosa James is a Spiritual Medium living in New Jersey, USA.  Rosa James specializes in consultations as she connects with source. Via a Reading with Rosa James, you'll know what's happening behind the scenes of situations whether it's business, love, finances, passed loved ones, etc so that you may execute decisions with clarity and success leading you towards a positive life path.  The goal of each session is for her to pick up on the main issue in your life to help you move forward positively in your life.  Our future is in our hands.  You'll know it's a good reading as she will validate things that have happened to you before you speak, are happening in your life, and you'll find that you don't need to ask all of your questions as the universe answers through Rosa many times before you ask.  We have so much free will in regards to our life path and outcome, but when knowing whats going to happen according to the energy of the present and circumstances adjustments can be made.  Rosa James asks that you please listen to messages and listen quietly during the first couple of minutes of your reading and NOT give any information before your appointment.  She will not consult those who give information before their appointment to ensure a pure reading.  Rosa James' job is to tell YOU how You are feeling and why you came to her for a reading.  Some clients listen quietly during the entire session.

These consultations go far beyond a psychic reading as Rosa is a Medium and immediately picks up on what your blockages are, how you can clear your own path, and how to begin to open up to a life of joy and wellbeing.  It could be because of a traumatic experience you'd forgotten about, beliefs your parents imprinted in your subconscious, or your own self esteem, etc.     

Rosa James is known for her candid straightforward reading style.  Always warm, but be prepared to hear your truth as she does not waste any time.  All messages are given with love.  The messages that come through are specific to you and for your higher good so should always be considered good to know. Rosa James works as an instrument  for  messages from passed loved ones, psychic medium readings,  energy alignment, and universal principles that apply to all faiths regardless of a persons background in order to connect each person to source, clear your blockages, and welcome in the new as we are all a part of life's bigger picture.  In a nutshell, the consultation are meant to give you the information to transform your life, be the best you, and live your life confidently.

Rosa James' goal is to give messages from source that apply to each person directly and give information that should be used as tool to better your own life as well as make your own decisions by understanding why things are occurring to you.  You may schedule a reading done over the phone from the comfort of your home as spirit is everywhere and boundless.  Appointments must be booked in advance.  Last minute appointments may be available based on current bookings.  Phone answering service is available Monday through Saturday 8 am - 9 pm USA eastern standard time at phone number 732-421-4915.

*If in your first session you are not happy, you can have a 100% refund.*







In English & Habla espanol


30 minute reading: $200

1 hour: $350

Three hour events of 20 people = $50 per person

Group gatherings: $300 per hour within 30 miles of New Brunswick, NJ (rate includes group reading totaling 60 minutes or may be divided among attendees) 

** Special Program **

Best you 7 week Dive! 

This is a 7 session package including 7 sessions via phone/Skype/Facetime.  Don't let distance be an obstacle in you becoming the best version of yourself!  During your first session, Rosa James tells you what your biggest challenges are and how to make changes in order to be the happiest version of yourself, what beliefs are holding you back, and keys to to be able to follow your own guidance confidently which will lead to a lifestyle of happiness for the rest of your life.  

Your initial session is $77 and each weekly session after that is $60. This offer is available for a limited time.

​*Hosting for charity events and fund raising is available  depending on location as well as number of attendees. 

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International Spiritual Medium readings at events and by phone

​​​​​​​​You may call directly to schedule your appointment or send an email to  Text the word READING to 732-421-4915 and receive a reply to schedule a reading.  On the date of your appointment, please have paper and pencil available to take notes or have questions readily available. This is not always necessary as the spirit world has their way of answering  your questions before you ask. Credit card payments as well as paypal are accepted as payment. No checks are accepted. Your appointment may be rescheduled, but please note that there is a No refund policy for cancellations. 50% of the reading payment must be processed before scheduling an appointment.​  This may be done via Paypal. 

DISCLAIMER: The readings are not considered legal, business advice, medical, financial, psychological, or intended to substitute professional services. The information is meant to serve as behind the scenes information as you have free will.  For legal reasons you are being advised that the readings are for entertainment purposes only.  For more information please read the complete disclaimer below on the blue Disclaimer Terms & Conditions tab.