Finally honest/ straightforward ( it's actually therapeutic ) Callers! No bs natural beauty she is. Will await to see what she predicts in 2018. Things she said only u would know. Young beauty is Better than top tier on Psychic site! They plan and know, not the norm. Love, health, peace 2 u! Her appointment book will be overflowing. Only call if you want the truth. She nurtured her gift sacredly.

Yes, He did have a blue and black flannel that he used to wear all of the time!... The road was slippery when he died on the motorcycle!.. Yes I was told it was a very windy day because of a hurricane on the day of his passing... Yes my mom was short, had beautiful skin, and dry curly light hair... It's so crazy how you know all of that!

She is straightforward and gives details quickly and with clarity.  She gives background details that I never gave her any hint about. While she did not give advice per se she was able to give directions about how things will end up and you can make your decisions from that.

Excellent reading and to the point. No sugar coating or dilution. Rosa appears to be the real deal. My reading has me with further questions, but in all the reading opened my eyes to the concentration of me.

" You always said he was going to be a killer and now look at what's happening. "

" No matter what I say to you, you know what's going on! "

"  You have helped me so much spiritually!  I'm so lucky to have you in my life. "

"  I know which grave I need to visit.  I actually passed a field with the kind of flowers you saw in your reading.  You're right. Those were his favorite flowers. "

" Your are so intuitive and dead on!.. My right hand is just a little sore now and feeling much better! "

"Very honest and knows exactly how I'm feeling."

You were right about my sister... she does have a tumor in her stomach. It's cancer.

Rosa immediately picked up that I was having a particularly harried and stressful day. Her palms got clammy in reaction to my energy. Her assessment of my personality and fathers Alzheimer's condition was accurate and she offered extremely well-timed advice for calming my mind, restoring peace to my surroundings and balancing my energy myself. I will definitely read with her again!

Having a reading with Rosa was great! She was very accurate in her details and suggested to enliven my home with fresh flowers bringing in warm, positive energy. Thank you Rosa!

" My pearl necklace did break yesterday!.. My neighbor's husband DID just die on a motorcycle unexpectedly.. she's been inconsolable! "

"Ever since you were little you would say something and it would happen! I don't know what you have on that tongue of yours."

"You described my guardian angel to a T!"

Rosa is bilingual and we spoke in Spanish. She used her spirit guide to pick up on me. She went straight into career and knew right away about my current situation. She said that my apartment smells good and is very organized which is eerily accurate since I burn sage and incense all the time. She was very accurate. I was impressed.

Incredible!! Flow of information about present situation. Allow yourself enough time with her. 

I just wanted to thank you for reading me the other day. It's so crazy how right on point you were and ALWAYS are! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read me and I'm still in shock with how accurate it was. Thank you for everything Rosa! You ARE AWESOME!!! Still in disbelief with how accurate you were. Omg!!I 

You said he would come in January from Dominican Republic and he did!

" I didn't see a way, but you said it would happen and it did! "

" I was just about to call you! "

" You always write me when something is wrong!  How do you know?! "

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After our conversation I felt the biggest release of stress. I was overwhelmed with peace and completion in such a way. You are very accurate in the reading and know that I went shopping lol... Love, peace, and blessings to you.

"This session was very therapeutic. The business partners definitely have the money to go through with the transaction! I just didn't understand why they are not going through with the purchase. Now I know which plan to show them because they've already seen the numbers on paper. Thank you! I enjoyed this session and will come back soon.

I knew about the lumps in my neck, but no one ever diagnosed anything going on in my arms or legs. The doctor confirmed it's true.

She was so to the point. Does not waist your money or time to go to the issue at hand.  She is true, honest, and gifted.  She knew things that I never told or even hinted about asking her and she went right in.  Will call her back. Left feeling confident and knowledgeable. 

" Your heart is just so big! I love you! Keep spreading that love!  You have the gift."

"Now I know why she made that remark the other day!"

Yes my brother was in his townhouse when he got murdered! Thanks for confirming that his stepdaughter was there! You seeing her at the staircase confirms that she was there! Her hair IS blond!... Yes he did die from a blow to the head!.. I will be taking this information back to my sisters. We have a lot to talk about! I will definitely find the officer you described to help reopen the case.

She is so great. :)

" That's him... He was tough on the outside and always in a dark place. People didn't understand him, but when it came to me he was always sweet.. you're right. He did have very pretty eyes and didn't believe in life after death. I'm glad to hear he's doing better and is being guided."

"Thank you Rosa for a phenomenal reading!! Rosa zeroed in on what was going on in my life. Before I said anything she was off and running. She was quite accurate and even knew the state I lived in and the state of  a  very dear friend of mine without knowing my name or having seen me before. It's very hard to find psychics that are truly psychic and this woman is definitely one!! I have read with many many psychics before. I guarantee you will be very satisfied with a call to her. "

Absolutely amazing... without hearing my voice, she knew my concerns.

She is AMAZING! Kew things before I could even say it. I will be calling back again! Loved her!

She was very accurate on my situation. Sorry, my phone dropped.. I will call again.